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Collagen Lift® Paris ‘Red Carpet’ has won French beauty award 'Victoire de la Beauté'! The product has had great success across the globe, but winning the award is a true accolade.

We are proud to receive recognition for Red Carpet because it is our best selling product world-wide, now sold in nearly 30 countries. It is the perfect combination of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, offering a very potent formula to reduce wrinkles, increase plumpness and hydration, improve nails and reduce cellulite.

The 'Victoire de la Beauté' is organised by Monadia, the leading French consumer panel for beauty products. Earning a “Victoire de la Beauté” requires a successful “quality test” based on the opinion of consumers and judged by the final overall satisfaction marks given at the end of the testing period. Those beauty products with the highest marks receive the coveted award.

This is the 18th edition of the 'Victoire de la Beauté' and it has links with leading partners in France such as the most popular TV channel TF1,, ChérieFM, La Redoute and cosmétiquemag.

Collagen Lift® Paris is a leader in French liquid drinkable collagen for beauty and wellness. There are currently 4 products available (Original Black Box, Red Carpet, LUMINOUS GOLD and MEN) and we are developing a 5th one which we intend to launch in 2020.

We are thrilled to have won the award and we love making you beautiful.

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