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Your skin is driest in winter, which is intensified in high altitude areas. Skin dehydration is aggravated by changes in temperature for example when you move between cold temperatures outside and the comforting warmth of indoors; this strips moisture from your pores. Heaters and fireplaces also reduce humidity and dry out your skin.

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Ciao sono Julia, It Girl di Secret. Il mio obiettivo 2016 è lavorare per scoprire e presentarvi prodotti di primissima qualità. Stasera vi illustro un nuovo prodotto che ho sperimentato personalmente: Collagen Lift Paris, un elisir di giovinezza, un vero toccasana per il nostro viso, utile a combattere le nostre acerrime nemiche… le rughe!

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Bye-bye Botox en facelifts.

Collagen Lift™ Paris is een dagelijks drinkbaar collageen supplement dat klinisch bewezen rimpels tot 50% vermindert en de elasticiteit en hydratatie van de huid verbetert.

Collageen is verantwoordelijk voor de soepelheid, elasticiteit en structuur van de huid. Naarmate we ouder worden vermindert de aanmaak van collageen waardoor de huid rimpels gaat vormen. Door Collagen Lift™ Paris te gebruiken kan de aanmaak van collageen nu van binnenuit gestimuleerd worden.

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Fella Malibongwe Tyilo tries and tests new French collagen drink, Collagen Lift Paris: 

Last week I celebrated by 37th birthday. Now, I have no real issues with getting older and, to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I’ve been telling most people I’m 37 for the past year already. Admittedly for that ‘you look great for 37’ reaction. I am a total sucker for it, so I thought I’d make it a reaction that happens more often by trying Collagen Lift Paris.

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Gone are the days when a mere waxy layer of your Granny’s cold cream was considered sufficient skin care. We look for sophisticated products that promise more moisture, less wrinkles and the fountain of youth. But in truth, many ingredients in today’s skin creams don’t sufficiently penetrate the skin because their molecules are too big to be absorbed.

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